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Decree-Law No. 59/2021 establishing structure, organization and functioning of the Ministry of the Sea (MM).

Type of law

This Decree-Law, consisting of 31 articles divided into three Chapters and one Annex, approves the structure, organization and operation of the Ministry of the Sea (MM). It establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of MM, government department whose mission is to design, propose, coordinate, implement and evaluate government public policies in the fields of maritime policy, the blue economy, the sea industry, marine resources, fisheries, aquaculture, ports and maritime transport. In particular, MM aims to: formulate and implement policy guidelines on the economic development of the sea, aiming at the sustainable exploitation of living and non-living marine resources and the transition to the blue economy; formulate and implement guidelines on maritime transport, aiming at safety, efficiency, quality and sustainability in the services provided; promote the development of research, preservation and enhancement of marine resources; design, implement and evaluate strategies and policies aimed at the articulated and sustainable development of marine resources, promoting and privileging private initiative; regulate and control the activity of public and private operators in the maritime-port area, and the sustainable development of marine resources and spaces; guarantee the existence of conditions allowing to efficiently satisfy the demand and provision of services in the sector; guide the concession contracts and licensing of port administration, operation and services, maritime transport and private use of the coastal zone, etc.
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Entry into force notes
This Decree-Law enters into force on the day after its publication.
Serial Imprint
Boletim Oficial, I S rie, No. 93.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Decreto-lei n. 59/2021 - Estabelece a estrutura, a organiza o e o funcionamento do Minist rio do Mar (MM).