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Decree-Law No. 60/2021 establishing structure, organization and functioning of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy (MICE).

Type of law

This Decree-Law, consisting of 30 articles divided into three Chapters, establishes structure, organization and functioning of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy (MICE). MICE is the government department entitled to design, propose, coordinate, execute and evaluate government public policies in the fields of industrial, commercial and energy infrastructures, quality management, intellectual property protection, industrial property rights, the system and network of trade, renewable energy and desalination.
In particular MICE is entitled to perform the following activities: design and implement industrial, commercial and energy policies, aiming at economic growth and competitiveness of the economy; formulate and implement policy guidelines on industry, in particular light industry, linking with renewable energy, and other areas of the economy; design and implement a dynamic and sustainable energy policy, aiming at synergies between renewable and conventional energy sources in order to reduce and optimize energy costs as an essential lever in improving the competitiveness of national economy; contribute to the definition of national quality policy and implement modernization, standardization, control and certification systems able to promote and guarantee the quality of products and services; contribute to the development of a balanced competition regime in order to ensure the rapid and efficient access of consumers to the benefits of innovation through the efficient regulation of markets, including the strengthening of inspection and sanctioning mechanisms; formulate and implement policy guidelines on internal and external trade, with a view to developing the sector in accordance with international agreements to which the country belongs; contribute to the assessment of the impact of globalization on the national economy and propose accompanying measures, in particular in the development of industry, energy, desalination and trade, product quality and the inspection of economic activities, increasing productivity, well-being and quality of life; contribute to a policy of vocational training and promote youth rural employment and active social life; promote the use of new technologies in industrial, commercial and energy enterprises in line with new international trends; and to promote the improvement of conditions to create and sustain a socio-economic, legal and administrative environment conducive to investment in the areas of industry, commerce and energy.
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Entry into force notes
This Decree-Law enters into force on the day after its publication.
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Boletim Oficial, S rie I, No. 93.
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Legislation Amendment
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Decreto-lei n. 60/2021 - Estabelece a estrutura, organiza o e o funcionamento do Minist rio da Ind stria, Com rcio e Energia (MICE).