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State Environmental Policy of the Czech Republic 2030 with a view to 2050.

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The State Environmental Policy formulates goals in the field of environmental protection in the Czech Republic, covers environmental issues and sets a strategic direction until 2030 with a view to 2050. The Policy takes into account other strategic documents at the national, European and international level, legislative documents, principles sustainable development and the results of the evaluation of the State Environmental Policy 2012-2020, as well as the annual evaluation of the environmental reports of the Czech Republic. Predictions of external influences, such as socio-demographic developments, economic developments, global pressures, as well as the impacts of the current COVID-19 viral pandemic, were also taken into account.
The present Policy is thematically divided into three areas: environment and health, low carbon and circulation economy, nature and landscape, and ten topics: water, air, hazardous substances, noise and light pollution, emergencies, habitats, transition to climate neutrality, transition to a circular economy, ecologically functional landscape, conservation of biodiversity and natural and landscape values.
As part of the monitoring of the implementation of the State Environmental Policy 2030, indicators and activities implemented by individual managers will be regularly monitored through the Environmental Report of the Czech Republic and the new Platform for Monitoring the Implementation of the State Environmental Policy 2030, whose members will be managers and co-managers of individual specific objectives and non-governmental organizations and associations. In 2025, an evaluation of the fulfillment of objectives will be published in the form of the Medium-Term Evaluation of the State Environmental Policy 2030. The objectives of the Policy will be met through standard measures, examples of which are given for individual strategic objectives. The specific selection and form of type measures will be the subject of valid component and sectoral strategic documents, which must take into account the objectives of the present Policy.
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St tn politika ivotn ho prost ed esk republiky 2030 s v hledem do 2050.