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Guideline on marking/labeling food products - January 2013.

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The guidelines in this document describe the provisions set by Order No. 1308 of 14 December 2005 on food labeling, and aims to give authorities the reponsibility for monitoring regulations concerning food labelling in the food trade sector, and to be read in conjunction with the Order on labeling and other specific rules thereof. Rules regarding the information readable on food products by consumers is provided herein, with the purpose of ensuring that consumers are properly informed and that they are not mislead.
Table of Contents:
Appendix 1 - Marketing and product standards.
Appendix 2 - Category term "Meat".
Appendix 3 - Special on freezing and durability of labeling meat.
Appendix 4 - Labeling of fruit and vegetables.
Appendix 5 - Examples of commonly known abbreviations.
Appendix 6 - Search for additional information on labelling.
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Vejledning om m rkning af f devarer - Januar 2013.