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Guideline No. 9025 on food hygiene.

Type of law

The guides set out in this document are referred to the standardization of food hygiene when handling and trading in the food sector. The instructions given describe food hygiene and gives examples of how food hygiene shall comply with EU regulations. These regulations primarily refer to EU regulations on food hygiene, especially hygiene regulations for food of animal origin. In the document, the following main sections are listed: 1.1 Rules on food hygiene; 1.2 Rules of microorganisms in food; 1.3 Parties affected by this document; 1.4 Structure of the Guide; Private Kitchens 1.5.
Appendix 1 - Overview of rules on hygiene.
Appendix 2 - Definitions.
Appendix 3 - Temperature when storing and transporting food.
Appendix 4 - Fishery products - parasites, bacteria, toxic fish.
Appendix 5 - Histamine in fish and fishery products.
Appendix 6 - Sensory evaluation of fishery products for histamine.
Appendix 7 - List of fish trade-appelation.
Appendix 8 - Overview of mussels.
Appendix 9 - Mussels, etc. - Algal toxins.
Appendix 10 - Action values for toxic algae.
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Legislation Amendment
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Vejledning om f devarehygiejne.