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Aquaculture Product Regulations (L.N. No. 64/2003).

Type of law

These Regulations lay down measures for monitoring the substances and groups of residues to be used for the feeding of aquacultural products (as defined in article 3) in fish breeding installations. The substances monitored are listed in listed in Schedule I.
The text consists of 37 articles divided into 5 Parts: Preliminary (I); Monitoring programme for the detection of residues or substances (II); Self monitoring and co-responsibility on the part of operators (III); Official control measures (IV); Measures to be taken in case of infringement (V).
Inspection shall be coordinated by the Fish Inspection, Quality Control and Safety Assurance Service of the Ministry of Fisheries (“the Competent Authority”). Tasks of the Competent Authority are listed in article 5. A National Monitoring Surveillance Programme shall be drafted as set out in article 6. The Programme shall be monitored by the Competent Authority. Article 6 sets out measures to be taken by the Competent Authority in case of administering of illegal substances. Article 17 sets out measures to be taken by the Competent Authority when maximum levels are exceeded. (Completed by 8 Schedules)
Date of text
Entry into force notes
These Regulations enters into force on 30 April 2003.
Serial Imprint
Gazette of Eritrean Laws, vol. 12/2003, No. 4 of 30 April, 2003, pp. 1-22.
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