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Fishery Products Importation and Exportation Regulations (L.N. No. 69 of 2003).

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These Regulations lay down measures to monitor importation and exportation conditions for fishery and aquacultural products. Articles 6 and 7 provide for standards for imported fishery products. Any person who has a licence for the importation of fish shall notify the Competent Authority of each importation in the form and manner as prescribed by the Competent Authority and shall not market the fishery products without the approval of the Competent Authority. Articles 9 and 10 provide for offshore inspection. An Export Health Certificate approved by the Competent Authority shall accompany all imported fish products (art. 12). Part III concerns exportation of fishery products. Exported products shall comply with specified Regulations.
Date of text
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Gazette of Eritrean Laws, vol. 12/2003, No. 4 of 30 April, 2003, pp. 74-76.
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