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Potable Water Regulations in fishery product activities (L.N. No. 68/2003).

Type of law

These Regulations concern standards of potable water to be observed in fishery product activities within the context of the Fishery Product Proclamation No. 105/1998 and the Fishery Product Regulation Legal Notice No. 40/1998. The objectives of these Regulations shall be: (a) to protect human health from adverse effects of any contamination of potable water intended for fishery product activities by ensuring wholesomeness and purity; (b) to exclude water used in the fishery product industry unless it can be established that the use of such water does not affect the wholesomeness of fishery products. Article 4 lists the types of water to which these Regulations do not apply. Article 5 defines quality standards. Part III sets out general requirements for use of potable water in fishery product activities such as water supply, intermediary storage of water, water circulation and re-circulation, heating of water, chlorination, etc. Part IV concerns monitoring and remedial actions. (18 regulations and Schedules concerning analysis of water, sampling and water standards)
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Entry into force notes
These Regulations enter into force on 30 April 2003.
Serial Imprint
Gazette of Eritrean Laws, vol. 12/2003, No. 4 of 30 April, 2003, pp. 56-73.
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