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Fisheries Regulations (Chapter 158, Section 9).

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The 29 regulations are divided into 6 Parts: Preliminary (I); Licences and Registration (II); Prohibited Methods and Areas (III); Mesh Limitations (IV); Size and Limits of Fish and Prohibitions (V); Exemptions (VI). Regulation 4 makes provision for the protection of fishing rights which have been registered by the Native Fisheries Commission in the Register of Native Customary Fishing Rights. A fishing licence issued under Section 5 of the Fisheries Act shall not permit the holder to kill or take any species listed in the Seventh Schedule outside the limit of Internal Waters as defined by the Marine Spaces Act, unless the Fiji fishing vessel which the holder is operating has on board an offshore licence pertaining to the fishing category under which that species is listed. The Restrictions on fishing, such as limitation of mesh size or the use of gear or the size of fish, are specified for different species. (9 Schedules).
Marine and Freshwater
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The text is an unofficial consolidation of Regulations of 6 February 1965, as amended up to 1991.The text of Schedules 1-5, 8 and 9 is not available.
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Regional Compendium of Fisheries Legislation (Western Pacific Region), FAO, June 1993, pp. 55-69.
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