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Marine Spaces (Foreign Fishing Vessels) Regulations (Chapter 158 A, section 20).

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These Regulations make provisions for foreign fishing vessels operating within the exclusive economic zone of Fiji.
The 39 regulations are divided into 6 Parts: Preliminary (I); Administration (II); Licensing of foreign fishing vessels (III); Control of licensed vessels in the exclusive economic zone (IV); Enforcement (V); Miscellaneous (VI).
Countries of which vessels have been allocated an allowable catch quota under section 13(3) of the Act shall nominate a National Fisheries Representative (reg. 3). The National Fisheries Representative may from time to time submit to the Minister a fishing plan which complies with this specifications set out in regulation 5(2). Applications for licences shall be in the form of Form 1 contained in the Schedule (reg. 6). The licence shall be in form specified in Form 2. Provisions of Part IV deal, inter alia, with notice of intention to enter zone (reg. 18), compulsory port inspection (reg. 19), markings (reg. 23), records containing prescribed information (reg. 25) and transshipment of catch (reg. 31). Attached to Form 1 of the Schedule is a list of highly migratory species.
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1985 edition of Legal Notice No. 137 of 1979.
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