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First Session of the Joint Ministerial Committee between the Hellenic Republic and the State of Israel.

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The Joint Ministerial Committee agreed to foster the bilateral cooperation in priority sectors, amongst others, the agricultural sector. Both Sides discussed issues of common interest, focusing on land reclamation, fishery and aquaculture, plant protection, organic agriculture, forestry and agricultural research. They have also agreed to promote their cooperation in the above mentioned areas through the exchange of scientific information, experts, organization of training visits, etc. Water supply matters were also identified as a filed of common interest. As both the Hellenic Republic and Israel are interested in contributing to every effort for the protection of the environment, both Sides have offered to exchange experience and information in the field of environmental protection and to support a dialogue on water supply and sanitation and especially on water resource management. Cooperation is to be in diverse matters related to these subjects among which are the following: operation and maintenance of potable water and wastewater treatment plants; management on the potable water distribution network; leakage control; desalination plants; recycling of treated sewage.
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On behalf of the Greek government the text was ratified with Ministerial Joint Decision No. F.0544/M.6036/AS.517 of 11 April 2008.
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Efimeris tis Kyverniseos No. 69, Part I, 22 April 2008, pp. 1191-1200.
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