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Decree No. 43 of 2011 (V.26.) of the Ministry of Rural Development on food-hygiene requirements of treatment and marketing of killed wild game.

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This Decree applies to those entitled entities to hunting who deliver and sell the quantity, determined in article 3, of killed wild game to the final consumers or to marketing enterprises and to game handling establishments. In articles 12-13 provisions regarding wild game handling establishments are comprised. This Decree doesn t apply to farmed wild game, to wild game found dead and to killed wild game for private consumption. The entities or persons entitled to hunting, whose activity falls under this Decree, must be registered. In case of epidemic, the Central Agricultural Office may adopt a monitoring programme at national or local level. Killed game must be inspected by a veterinarian in 48 hours. Hunting enterprises must keep a register of their activity and send the register once a year to the territorially competent food-chain safety and animal health directorate, and have at least one game handling establishment. During storage, transport, handling and marketing all food hygiene and safety (traceability) rules and good hygiene practices must be observed. Article 10 contains provisions regarding game meat inspection and meat classification and certification.
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Magyar K zl ny 55. sz m, 2011. m jus 26., pp.11919-11928.
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43/2011. (V. 26.) VM rendelet az elejtett vad kezel s nek s rt kes t s nek lelmiszer-higi niai felt teleir l