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Hazardous (Industrial) Plants, Regulations, 1993 (5753-1993)

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These Regulations require owners of industrial plants in which hazardous substances are stored, sold, processed or produced to take all necessary measures to treat these materials according to the best available technology and manufacturer directions. The Regulations specify the measures that must be taken to prevent and/or treat accidents, such as leaks, dispersal or conflagration of hazardous substances. They stipulate that only skilled and specially trained personnel may handle hazardous materials in industrial plants.
Owners of plants handling hazardous substances are required to prepare and maintain industrial plant files, which include all relevant information necessary to treat accidents - such as maps, protective measures, safety measures, equipment, manpower and reporting procedures. Owners of hazardous industrial plants are required to present an annual report to the Licensing Authority, including updated data on types, quantities and use of hazardous substances, maintenance measures such as storage and packaging conditions, existing means for protection against accidents, safety measures within the plant, industrial emissions, and information on accidents that occurred.
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