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Long-Term Master Plan for the National Water Sector, August 2012.

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The Policy Document (Version 4) of the Long-Term Master Plan (LTN-MP) for the National Water Sector is an update of the initial phase of the Policy Document Version 3, which was approved by the Water Authority Council in July 2011. The document defines the vision, goals and objectives of the national water sector, and the policy of the sector on the major issues. The paper includes the state of the water-reservoirs, an analysis of conditions of uncertainty, and initial recommendations for implementation. It also includes an estimate for the required development plan framework, mapping of managerial, budgetary, and professional obstacles, and recommendations for how to remove them. Comprehensively addressing several issues, such as: the structure of the national water sector, regulation and others will be carried out later. The main topics that were added to this version include: production limitations and setting operating lines for the main reservoirs, goals for developing the water sector in the current decade, and emphases on topics such as the water potential, greywater, etc.
The Implementation Plan of the LTN-MP (not included in the pdf attached, but just briefly mentioned under page 15) comprises two components: framework plan and development plan.
The main objective of the LTN-MP is to ensure the supply of water, to provide sewage services and designate uses of treated wastewater and manage runoff and drainage – of suitable quality, quantity and reliability, and with economic efficiency, for the sustainable welfare of all the consumers.
Making agriculture more productive through an efficient use of the water resources is one of the policy issues and recommendations; agricultural production is a national goal that incorporates community development and is of social and environmental importance. The water sector will adapt to promoting this goal while taking into account all considerations of the water sector. The agricultural sector will be irrigated mainly by marginal water (saline and treated wastewater) and by a minimal amount of freshwater y marginal water (saline and treated wastewater). Financial and regulatory mechanisms will be devised for increasing efficiency of use of water for agriculture (including examining regional management mechanisms and transferring regional quotas).
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Long-Term Master Plan for the National Water Sector, Part A - Policy Document (Version 4) August 2012.
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The Water Authority Council.
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