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Prevention of Sea-Water Pollution by Oil Ordinance (New Version), 1980.

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This Ordinance shall apply to Israeli territorial waters and inland waters and its provisions may be applied to non-Israeli vessels outside Israeli territorial waters which threaten to pollute Israeli territorial waters. Every vessel shall keep an oil record book. Inspectors appointed by the Minister of Interior may enter a vessel, take samples and exercise powers of a police officer. The Ordinance specifies actions to be taken in case of oil discharges. A Fund for the Prevention of Sea Water Pollution is created with the purpose of creating financial resources for the fight against and prevention of pollution of sea water and the seashore and for the cleansing and inspection of the same. In cases of discharge of oil into the sea, the Minister of Transport may, by notice, request the owner of the vessel to take specified measures aimed at preventing, stopping or reducing the discharge. A "marine environment protection fee" may be imposed on owners or operators of vessels, as well as on owners or operators of installations on land or at sea from which oil might be discharged or allowed to escape into sea. The remainder of the Ordinance sets out offences, fines and penalties as well as legal/procedural matters.
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Dinim Vol. 17 pp. 10067
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