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Shipping (Seaman) Law, 1973.

Type of law

This Law includes twenty-one chapters, which concern several aspects of seamen service, related to all kind of vessels including fishing vessels. These range over conditions of eligibility for service as a crew member (Chapter Two), Seaman's Accreditation Council (Chapter Three), the crew (Chapter Four), the master (Chapter Five), discipline on board a vessel (Chapter Six), work procedures on board a vessel (Chapter Seven), crew list and service contract (Chapter Eight), wages and other rights (Chapter Nine). From Chapter Ten on, termination of service and frustration of hire during voyage, death of crew member (Chapter Eleven), settlement of labour disputes, arrangements as to wages (Chapter Thirteen), maritime offences (Chapter Fourteen) disciplinary offences and trial thereof (Chapter Fifteen), disciplinary court for seamen (Sixteen), employment of juveniles (Chapter Seventeen), training of apprentices (Chapter Eighteen), offences and penalties (Chapter Nineteenth) and the application of law (Chapter Twenty). Under Chapter Twenty-One at last miscellaneous provisions are made as concerns the supervision of the implementation of the Law, amendments and repeals.
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This text has been published in the Sefer Ha-Chukkim No 716 of August 24th 1973. It amends, in the Penal Law, Offences Committed Abroad Consolidated Version, 1973. It repeals sections 43 to 49, 54 and 60 of the Ports Ordinance New Version 1971.
Publication reference
Laws of the State of Israel, Vol 27, 1972/73, from 24.10.1972 to 25.7.1973, pp. 393-439.
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