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Fishing Boat Act (Act No. 178 of 1950).

Type of law

The Act consists of 57 articles, subdivided in eight Chapters and relative Sections: General Provision (I); Adjustment of the Building of Fishing Boats (II); Registration of Fishing Boats (III); Inspections concerning Fishing Boats (IV); Examinations concerning Fishing Boats (V); Designated Certifying Agencies and Designated Validating Agencies (VI); Miscellaneous Provisions (VII); Penal Provisions (VIII).
The purpose of the Act is to improve the standards of Fishing Boats to advance their performances, organize a registration system for Fishing Boats, and provide inspection and examination possibilities to observe the compliance of fishing boats’ owners with set standard and improve the productivity of fisheries. It also sets charges for persons violating rule of this Act.
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Entry into force notes
The effective date of entry into force of the Act is to be specified by Cabinet Order within a period not exceeding three months from the date of promulgation.
This Act includes Supplementary Provisions as of Act No. 77 of 6 June 2007.This Act repeals the Ordinance on Registration of Fishing Boats (Ordinance of the Prime Minister's Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry No. 5 of 1947).
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