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Land Rights Act.

Type of law

This Act defines and delineates the different categories of land ownership and rights recognized in Liberia and prescribes the means by which each of the categories of land may be acquired, used, transferred and otherwise managed. It shall ensure that all communities, families, individuals and legal entities shall enjoy secure land rights free of fear that their land will be taken from them, except in accordance with due process of law. The Act also seeks to ensure equal access and equal protection with respect to land ownership, use and management, including ensuring that customary land and private land are given equal legal protection and that land ownership is provided for all Liberians regardless of identity, custom, ethnicity, tribe, language, gender or otherwise. The Act provides for the registration of rights in land.
Ownership of Land does not extend to mineral resources on or below the surface of the land. Land ownership may be held singly or jointly by individuals, or collectively by a community as communal property or by the Government. The right of ownership and use of land shall not be not absolute, but shall be subject to "reasonable regulations". Every Land shall be classified as, and held under, one of these four categories - public land, government land, customary Land, or private land.
Each Community shall have the right to define the area of its Customary Land in keeping with customs, oral or written history and locally-recognized norms. Each Community shall have the right and responsibility to identify its members, but no community member may be excluded from the community. The community members shall draft by-laws using process agreed by the Community and create and establish a Community Land Development and Management Committee (CLDMC). They shall also, among other things, develop a land use management plan.
The Act also concerns protected areas within state property or community land. Protected Areas within Customary Lands may include forest, wetlands, major water sources and land set aside by a Community for ecotourism. A Community may use its forest lands and harvest all timber and non-timber products thereon, directly or indirectly in keeping with the provisions of the Community Rights Law of Liberia and the National Reforms Forestry Law of 2006.
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An Act to establish the Land Rights Law of the Republic of Liberia.
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The Aborigines Law and the Public Lands Law are repealed.
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