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Law No. 113 On establishment of general principles and legislative provisions for food safety.

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The purpose of this Law is to achieve a high level of protection of human health and the interests of consumers with regard to food safety, including traditional products, taking into account their diversity, ensuring the effective functioning of the national market. This Law (a) establishes the general principles of the legislation governing food and animal feedstuffs in general and their safety in particular; (b) establishes the National Agency for Food Safety, establishes and delimits competences in the field of food and animal feed safety of that Agency and the Ministry of Health; (c) strengthens the legal and institutional framework for food and animal feed safety. This Law shall apply to all stages of the food chain. By derogation, this Law shall not apply to primary products intended for domestic consumption, processing or storage at home. The general objectives of the legislation on food safety shall be as follows: (a) a high level of protection of human life and health, interests of consumers, fair practice in trade in food products, taking into account health and welfare of animals and plants, as well as protection of the environment; and (b) facilitation of trade exchange between the Republic of Moldova and the other countries, production and trade in food and animal feedstuffs in accordance with common goals and principles. In order to achieve the overall objective of a high level of protection of human life and health, food legislation is based on risk analysis, unless such an approach is inconsistent with the circumstances or the nature of the measure being taken. Risk assessment shall be based on available scientific evidence and conducted independently, objectively and transparently. This Law contains IV Chapters divided into 20 Articles. Chapter I lays down general provisions. Chapter II regards legislation on safety of foodstuffs and animal feedstuffs. Chapter III establishes competence in the field of safety of foodstuffs. Chapter IV lays down final provisions.
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This Law enters into force six months after the date of its official publication.
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113 18-05-2012 .
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