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Law on natural flora.

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The purpose of this Law shall be to regulate the protection, sustainable use and restoration of natural flora other than forests and cultivated plants. The use of wild flora by citizens and economic entities shall be subject to a fee. Governmental officials at all levels shall implement measures for the protection of natural flora against fire, disease, harmful rodents, insects, and negative human impacts. The use of chemicals to protect natural flora from diseases, rodents and insects shall be prohibited except for those authorized by the central governmental body. Commercial use of flora shall be prohibited in the following areas: (a) green zones; (b) areas within two km of waterbodies; (c) natural habitats of endangered and rare animal species; (d) oases; (e) areas with degraded plant cover; (f) areas for the protection against sand movement; and (g) soil erosion protection strips. Commercial use of wild flora shall be subject to licensing. The harvesting, cultivation and use of plants with narcotic properties by citizens or economic entities other than authorized healthcare institutions shall be prohibited.
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This Law enters into force on 5 June 1995.
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