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Conservation of Wild Birds (Framework for Allowing a Derogation to Carry out Scientific Research on Seven Finch Species) Regulations, 2021 (L.N. 394 of 2021).

Type of law

These regulations' scope is to establish a framework for allowing, under strictly supervised conditions and in a selective manner, a research derogation to obtain scientific data on Malta s reference population of the seven finch species listed, on the basis of the European legislation. The regulations establish a regulatory body responsible for the carrying out of the scientific research, its functions, its research method, its deliverable. The regulations establish that birds from the relevant species may only be captured for the purpose of control and, or affixing of scientific rings and, or satellite-tags. All specimens shall be immediately released back into the wild. The research period is defined and shall be not more than sixtyfour (64) days in autumn. Also the research sites and stations are regulated as well as the licence required in order to carry out the research. The text further regulates the use of the research stations, the modes for the capture, the conditions of the birds throughout the research time and provides for spot checks by the police for the enforcement of its provisions.
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Government Gazette Of Malta No. 20,721 19.10.2021
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