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Decree No. 74/2021 approving the Regulation of the National Fisheries Administration Commission (RECNAP).

Type of law

This Decree approves the Regulation of the National Fisheries Administration Commission (RECNAP). This Regulation, consisting of three Chapters, under Fisheries Law No. 22/2013, establishes, composition, duties and responsibilities of the National Fisheries Administration Commission (CNAP). The CNAP is the consultative body of the system of participatory management of fisheries resources at the central level, in which all interest groups involved are represented. The purpose of CNAP is to coordinate efforts for the protection, conservation and sustainable and responsible use of fishery resources and respective ecosystems. In particular CNAP is responsible to give its opinion on matters relating to: a) fisheries and aquaculture development policies and strategies; b) establishment and implementation of fisheries and aquaculture management measures; c) measures for the management of aquaculture, fishing activities and complementary to fishing; d) state of exploitation of fishery resources; e) strategies and mechanisms for monitoring, controlling and inspecting fishing and aquaculture activities; f) strategies for preventing and combating marine, river, lake and ecosystem pollution, including coastal areas.
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This Decree enters into force on the day of its publication.
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Boletim Oficial, I S rie, No. 184.
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Decreto n. 74/2021 - Aprova o Regulamento da Comiss o Nacional de Administra o Pesqueira, (RECNAP).