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Directives Relating to Fishing Industry: Stage 2: State of Emergency- Covid-19 Regulations

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These directives are issued by the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources under the regulation 15(1) and (3) of the Stage 2: State of Emergency-COVID-19 Regulations. The Directives provide that activities related to fishing like fish production and value chain activities necessary for the harvesting and processing of fish and fish products as well as fishing by a fishing vessel, shall be under adherence of social distancing and minimal contact between persons. The Directives further provide that the head of a fish processing plant shall implement actions and policies of the government so as to curb the spread of Covid-19; these include, to ensure that hand sanitization takes place in the plant, contractors are screened and hand sanitized before entry into the plant, temperature readings of everyone entering the plant, employees to implement these measures are provided with protective clothing, visitors are not allowed into the plant and deliveries at the fish processing plant are sent to a designated central point so as to minimize contact with employees. The directives also provide for hygiene at the plants, the importance of information and sensitization of employees about Covid-19, the utilization of on-site health facilities, etc. There are identical rules for fish shops. The Directives further provide authorization for a health official to have unrestricted access to a fishing vessel, a processing plant, an on-site health facility or a fish shop to ensure compliance with the directives. Contravention of the directives leads to monetary penalty or a prison sentence of 6 months
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