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Decree containing rules relative to quality of soil (Soil Quality Decree).

Type of law
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This Decree concerns the protection of the soil from polluting substances and works that deteriorate the quality of soil. The Decree prescribes rules for the use of construction materials and defines methods to measure effects on the environment and in particular the subsoil groundwater. Other rules concern use of dredging materials, also in agriculture. The Decree defines specific standards for use and storage and makes provision for control and enforcement. It also applies to sludge used by agricultural enterprises as defined by article 1 of the Fertilizers Act.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Decree No. 469 of 2007 as at 15 March 2012 and amended last by Stb. No. 63 of 2012.Attached is also the amending Decree of 2009 in English. This amendment is incorporated in the Dutch consolidated version.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Besluit houdende regels inzake de kwaliteit van de bodem (Besluit bodemkwaliteit).