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Food Rules, 2027 (1970).

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This text consists of 9 Chapters divided into 33 rules: Preliminary (1); Department of Food Technology and Quality Control (2); Provisions relating to Food Inspectors (3); Analysis of food (4); Food Standard Fixation Committee (5); Labels on packed food (6); Mtters to be Observed by Food Sellers (7); Use of colours or preservatives in food (8); License (9).
Rule 3 defines the duties of the Department of Food Technology and Quality Control. These include sampling and analyses of food and training of food inspectors. A public Analyst may be designed under rule 4. Chapter 3 provides for the appointment, qualifications, tasks, powers etc. of food inspectors. Rule 15B designates the Chief District Officer as the prescribed authority who may seize food under section 4A of the Food Act. Chapter 5 defines in rule 16 the composition of the Food Standard Fixation Committee and defines functions, duties and powers of the Committee in rule 17. Rule 19 of Chapter 7 specifies a list of prohibited activities in relation with adulteration of food and prescribes some rule relating to the storage of food. Provisions of Chapter 8 define "colours" and "preservatives" and refer to Schedule 11 for rules relative to the use of them in food. Rules 24 to 28 make provision with respect to licences for the sale of food. Rule 25 defines "guaranteed retailer". Rule 28 relates to licences for the production and processing of food. Rule 32 sets out conditions to be fulfilled by persons having obtained a licence. (Completed by 14 Schedules)
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated text as amended last on 1 October 2007 by the Food (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2064 (2007).
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