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Fisheries Management Act, 1998.

Type of law
Date of original text

This Act provides for the management and conservation of fish resources in internal waters, including lagoons, the territorial sea, the archipelagic waters, the exclusive economic zone and any other waters over which Papua New Guinea exercises or claims jurisdiction or sovereign rights. The text of this Act consists of 81 sections divided into 11 Parts: general provisions (I); Institutional arrangements (II); Fisheries management, conservation and development (III); Licenses (IV); Enforcement and observer programme (V); Jurisdiction, procedure, offences, penalties and liability (VI); Administrative proceedings (VII); Evidence (VIII); Miscellaneous (IX); Regulations (X); Repeal, savings and transitional (XI).
This Act applies to all fishing activities by both residents and foreigners and in relation to fisheries waters and, in accordance with international, law any other waters (sect. 3). A National Fisheries Authority comprising a National Fisheries Board, is continued under section 4. The Authority is a body corporate and shall manage fisheries, be responsible for fisheries development, and regulate trade and other handling of fish products (sec.'s 5 and 6). The Board shall be responsible for providing general control and guidance over the exercise of the functions and powers of the Authority (sect. 7). In exercising powers under this Act the Minister and the National Fisheries Authority shall have regard to the objectives and principles in respect of fisheries waters outlined in section 25. Section 28 makes provision for fisheries management plans which shall be made by the Managing Director of the Authority on request of the Minister. Restrictions on fishing are outlined in sections 30 to 32. Sections 33 to 40 deal with foreign fishing and in particular provide for access agreements. Terms and conditions of fishing licenses are specified in section 43. Powers of fishery officers are outlined in section 49. An observer programme shall be established by the Authority under section 50 for the purpose of collecting and reporting reliable and accurate information for scientific, management and compliance purposes.
Long title of text
Being an Act to provide for and give effect to the National Goals and Directive Principles and in particular to promote the management and sustainable development of fisheries, and for related purposes.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of 2006 of Act No. 48 of 1998 as amended last by Act No. 97 of 2006.
Serial Imprint
Official pubblication, 56 pp (pdf version). Papua New Guinea Consolidated Legislation 2006.
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