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Regulation determining the Programme for monitoring the safety of food of animal origin for 2021.

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This Regulation, based on the provisions of the Food Safety Law, determines aims and detailed contents of the Programme for monitoring over the safety of animal origin food for the year 2021. Monitoring is here meant for food of animal origin that is produced on the national territory, and it is carried out in facilities for: 1) production of food of animal origin; 2) storage and distribution; 3) retail sale of products of animal origin; also animal origin food imported into the territory of the Republic of Serbia is also subject to monitoring procedures, for products as follows: 1) mechanically separated meat; 2) milk powder and whey powder; 3) egg products-in liquid form; 4) fish; 5) cooked fishery products; 6) gelatin and collagen.
The Annex is part of this publication (containing full text of the Serbian Programme for monitoring the safety of food of animal origin for 2021).
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This text entered into force eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette (published on 9 July 2021).
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia 69/2021
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2021. .