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Regulation on investment incentives for the improvement and development of rural public infrastructure.

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This Regulation, based on the provisions of the Law on incentives in agriculture and rural development, determines all types of incentives for investments for the improvement and development of rural public infrastructure, including conditions and manner of exercising the right to obtain such incentives. This text provides for related form of request for exercising the right to incentives, and further sets the maximum amount of incentives per user. Incentives subject of this text are meant for investments in the construction and equipping of facilities: 1) for water supply; 2) road infrastructure.
The Annex is part of this publication (technical sheets, lists and designated form).
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This text entered into force on the day after its publication in the Official Gazette (published on 2 July 2021).
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia 67/2021-10/2022
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