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Act (SFS 2011:410) amending Act (2006:805) relative to animal feed and by-products of animal origin.

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This Act partly amends Act 805, in particular articles 2, 4 8, 12 14, 21, 23 29, 31-32, as well as the heading immediatelly preceding article 5. Wild animals are not subject to the EU regulations complementing this Act, however they may be used as feed only after slaughtering and veterinarian inspection. It is prohibited to use or place on the market feed if it has a harmful effect on the environment, if not authorized, and if not meeting the requirements or conditions on feed safety and hygiene prescribed. An inspection body shall be appointed to engaged in the official monitoring for compliance with the document, in what concerns areas, facilities, and other related issues. In special circumstances measures may be taken in adherence to article 10 of the Police Act (1984:387) for exception cases of non-compliance.
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Lag (SFS 2011:410) om ndring i lagen (2006:805) om foder och animaliska biprodukter.