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Land Delimitation and Registration Law issued by Resolution No. 186 of 15 March 1926.

Type of law

This Law consists of 7 Chapters divided into 56 articles providing for land registration and survey. Chapter I deals with the judge and assistants entrusted to write, record and delimit lands. Chapter II provides for recording operations and temporary definition of lands. Chapter III concerns with authorizations and objections. Chapter IV relates to the confirmation of temporary delimitations abd objection liquidations. Chapters V and VI contain general and temporary provisions. Chapter VII deals with offences and penalties.
Date of text
This Law is amended by Resolutions Nos. 44 L.R of 20/4/1932, 7 L.R of 9/1/1934, 86 L.R of 17/4/1935, 112 L.R of 17/5/1935, 135 L.R of 14/6/1935, 141 L.R of 5/7/1935 and 323 L.R of 22/11/1939; and Legislative Decrees Nos. 94 of 23/6/1943, 135 of 29/10/1952, 83 of 28/9/1953 and 322 of 16/12/1969; and by Presidential Resolutions Nos. 70 of 9/6/1958, 139 of 4/9/1958, 149 of 15/9/1958 and 217 of 15/12/1958 as well as by Law No. 162 of 30/4/1945.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
(186) 1926