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Law on Organic Production (No. 12 of 2012).

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This Law provides the basis for the development of organic production by laying down principles and rules concerning the institutional framework for organic production, rules of production, conformity assessments and certification of products, labelling requirements, and the marketing of organic products.
The Law provides for the establishment of a Bureau for Organic Production, a specialized body within the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, and of the Syrian Committee for Organic Production. Functions and duties of the institutions are defined in the text.
Organic production in Syria is regulated by the Syrian Organic Standards which shall set forth rules and requirements governing the production, processing and marketing of organic products.
The Law sets out requirements for obtaining organic certification that allows operators to produce and sell products labelled as “organic”. Authorization of certification bodies and their obligations are provided for in the text.
The Law further provides for: general requirements for the labelling of processed and unprocessed organic products and of products in conversion to organic; the Syrian Organic Logo contained in Annex I; authorizations for the import of certified organic products and procedures for exporting organic products; infringements; appeals; etc.
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