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Standards and Quality Act, 2003.

Type of law

This Act provides for the establishment of the Swaziland Standards Authority as a corporate body. The act also provides for establishment of the Council of the Authority, which shall administer, manage and control the affairs of the Authority. The Authority shall, among other things: promote standards and quality in industry, commerce and the public sector, prepare and issue standards, arrange or provide facilities for examining and testing of locally manufactured or imported commodities, products and materials including food and drugs, Operate and control, in accordance with this Act, and administer and control the use of certification marks and distinctive marks. On the recommendation of the Council and, the Minister may, by Notice in the Gazette, declare certification marks. No person shall apply any such certification mark to any commodity except under a license issued by the Authority and unless that commodity complies with the relevant standard or has been manufactured, produced, processed or treated in accordance therewith.
Long title of text
An Act to establish the Swaziland Standards Authority and to provide for matters connected thereto.
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Serial Imprint
Swaziland Government Gazette.
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Legislation Amendment