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Animals (Diseases and Importation) (Amendment) Act No. 21 of 2020.

Type of law

The title of the Principal Act is amended as follows: "Animal (Diseases, Importation, Health and Welfare) Act" and the long title is amended as "An Act to make further and better provisions for controlling the Importation of Animals, Birds, Reptiles and Insects, and for regulating the treatment and disposal of animals which are suffering or are suspected to be suffering from any disease, to protect and promote animal health, to establish standards for animal welfare and for other matters related thereto or connected therewith". Furthermore, this Act amends some definitions in Section 2, including the definitions of animals, animal health, animal welfare, animal feed, aquatic animal, early detection system, invasive alien animal species, official veterinary health certificate, quarantine station, risk assessment, sanitary measures, and zoonosis. Section 3 regarding inspector is amended and new subsections are inserted to set out functions of the Inspector, the establishment of the Advisory Committee on Animal Health and Welfare, designation of official or approved laboratory, and animal health measures. Moreover, this Act makes several amendments in the Principal Act in the fields of declaration of an infected zone, establishment of an animal disease surveillance system, development of an animal disease emergency plan, declaration of animal disease emergency, animal identification and traceability, control measures, import and export requirements and permits, restrictions on import, quarantine station, and animal welfare. Finally, Schedule 1 listing animal diseases and Schedule 2 on notice for importation of poultry and non-poultry products of the Principal Act and Third, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Ninth, and Tenth Schedules of the Animals (Importation Control) Regulations (Cap. 67:02) are amended.
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An Act to amend the Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act, Chap. 67:02.
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This Act shall enter into force on the day it is proclaimed by the President.
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