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Valuation of Land (Amendment) Act No. 5 of 2018.

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This Act repeals some definitions in Section 2 and substitutes the definitions of appeal to the Valuation Tribunal, owner of land, and Valuation Tribunal. Section 7 regarding the registration of minimal annual rental value where the owner of land makes a return of land is amended, and new Section 7A is added regarding the declaration of the Minister to give effect to the valuation. Section 13 about procedures of written notice is amended. This Act adds new paragraphs to Section 19 of the Principal Act regarding grounds for objection to valuation. Sections 20, 21 and 22 are amended by deleting the words Appeal Board wherever they occur and substituting the words Valuation Tribunal ; and deleting the words Court of Appeal wherever they occur and substituting the words High Court . This Act inserted Part IIIA for the establishment, composition, decisions, functions, powers, and procedures of the Valuation Tribunal. New Section 34A is inserted on the confidentiality of information. Finally, Schedule II on return of land required under Section 6 of the Principal Act is amended.
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An Act to amend the Valuation of Land Act, Chap. 58:03.
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