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California Food and Agricultural Code - Division 7: Agricultural Chemicals, Livestock Remedies, and Commercial Feeds (secs. 12500-15340)

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This division of the California Food and Agricultural Code regulates agricultural chemicals, livestock remedies, and commercial feeds. Among others, it provides for produce carrying pesticide residue - permissible tolerances, inspection, seizure, and abatement as public nuisance; pesticides labeling and warranty, misbranding, adulteration, seizure, recommendations and usage, pesticide contamination prevention, healthy schools and contamination of compost; restricted materials pesticides, herbicides, compound 1080, and methyl bromide and chloropicrin; private applicator certification; environmentally harmful material; qualified applicator certificates; carbon monoxide pest control devices; livestock drugs registration, retail licenses for restricted drugs, and violations and penalties; use of antimicrobial drugs for livestock; fertilizing materials the fertilizer inspection advisory board, licensing, registration, labels, inspection, sampling, and analysis, and misbranding and adulteration; commercial feed - feed inspection advisory board, labels, standards and tolerances, inspection and analysis, mislabeling, adulteration, and licenses; structural pest control; and structural pest control devices.
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