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Decree No. 573 of the Cabinet of Ministers On improvement of the operation of the Ministry of Water Management.

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This Decree establishes the main tasks of the Ministry of Water Management as follows: (a) water resources management, water accounting, reporting and balance; (b) implementation of the unified policy in the field of formation of water resources, rational use and protection thereof, prevention of harmful effects of water; (c) protection of the population and national economy against flooding; (d) meeting of the demand for water and ensuring sufficient water supply and efficient use of water resources; (e) modernization, development and construction f water facilities and waterworks; (f) scientific and technological support of water management; (g) ensuring safety of water reservoirs in order to guarantee reliable operation thereof; (h) improvement of reclamation and sustainability of irrigated land; (i) introduction of resource-saving technologies in the field of water management; and (j) introduction of public-private partnership in the field of water management.
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