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Environmental Management and Conservation (Amendment) Act (No. 28 of 2010).

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This Act amends various provisions of the Environmental Management and Conservation and changes its name to Environmental Protection and Conservation Act. The Act, among other things: inserts in the principal Act definitions of "biodiversity significance", “climate change”, “conservation area”, “EIA review committee”, “preliminary environmental assessment” and “significant environmental impact"; inserts a new section (5A) on the application of the precautionary principle, a section (12A) on foreshore development consents, a subsection on information gathered by bioprospecting 33(2)(fa), a section (34A) on bioprospecting information bonds and sections (42A to 42D) on measures of enforcement; substitutes section 14 on preliminary environmental assessment of applications and section 22 on review of EIA Report and decision on application; provides anew with respect to community management of conservation areas and consent of (customary) landowners; provides with respect to (international obligations in respect of) climate change; provides with respect to offences and penalties; and establishes the Environmental Trust Fund.
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An Act to amend the Environmental Management and Conservation Act [CAP 283].
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