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Strata Titles Act (Cap. 266).

Type of law
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This Act provides rules relative to the subdivision of land and relevant titles in land including common property. It prescribes that land, including the whole or a part of a building, may be subdivided by registering a strata plan in the manner provided by or under this Act. When a plan has been registered: (a) the lots comprised therein, or any one or more thereof, may devolve or be transferred, leased, mortgaged or otherwise dealt with in the same manner and form as any land registered under the provisions of the Land Leases Act. A strata plan must meet the requirements set out in section 4. Every strata plan lodged for registration must be endorsed with or accompanied by a specified certificate. Part 4 concerns common property. Subject to provisions of the Act, a body corporate to be formed by owners of a common property, shall be responsible for enforcement of by-laws and the control, management, and administration of the common property.
Long title of text
An Act relating to the establishment of strata titles.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of 2006 of Act No. 29 of 2000 as amended by Act No. 21 of 2003.
Serial Imprint
Laws of the Republic of Vanuatu, Consolidated Edition of 2006.
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