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Concept on Food Security of CIS 2010.

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The main objective of the socio-economic development of the CIS member states and ensuring food security is to improve the quality of life of the population of the member states. Food security is a component of economic security of the CIS member states and a key factor in the preservation of their statehood and sovereignty, and is an extremely important for the life support system and demographic policy as well as a necessary condition for the preservation of health, physical activity, longevity, and a high quality of life each country's population.
The goal of food security of the CIS member states is a reliable supply of basic foodstuffs to the entire population through the production of foodstuffs in the quantity and quality required for human activity, with the maximum possible independence from external sources of food supplies as much as possible.
The main objectives of ensuring food security regardless of changes in external and internal conditions shall be as follows: (a) prevention of internal and external threats to food security, and minimization of their negative consequences by means of a constant preparedness of the system to provide citizens with foodstuffs under adverse global market conditions, natural disasters and other emergencies, formation of strategic stocks of quality and safe food products; (b) achievement and maintenance of physical and economic accessibility for each citizen to safe and qualitative foodstuff in volumes and assortment, which correspond to rational norms of consumption of staple foods necessary for an active and healthy lifestyle; (c) sustainable development of domestic production of basic foodstuffs, sufficient to ensure food of the CIS member states; and (d) ensuring food safety and quality.
Ensuring food security within the CIS should contribute to the adoption of a system of normative legal acts, reflecting the specific aspects of this problem. It is advisable to provide for measures aimed at: (a) implementation of monitoring of the use of basic types of resources in agricultural production; (b) provision of targeted assistance aimed at optimizing the diet of the various strata of the population, including in-kind targeted assistance to optimize the nutritional status of various groups of the population (maternal and child nutrition, school feeding, food stamps, summer food programs, etc.); (c) organization of a system of control over the quality and safety of foodstuffs along the entire technological chain, paying attention to the control of animal health, raw foodstuffs, and food products, including those produced and processed with the use of genetically modified organisms, as well as measures to certify and encourage the production of high quality products.
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