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Animal Protection-Control Ordinance.

Type of law

The present Ordinance introduces the Council Directive 98/58/EC concerning the protection of animals kept for farming purposes into Austrian national legislation. In particular, it lays down provisions for the control of compliance with animal protection measures. Article 2 establishes that in case of violation of animal protection provisions, controls have to be carried out for three years. Thereafter the text deals with control of agricultural farms, control of animal keeping places, control of slaughterhouses, control organs, and finally the carrying out the said control procedures. The text consists of 11 articles and 2 Annexes.
Long title of text
Ordinance by the Federal Minister for Health and Women on the control of the compliance with animal protection provisions.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The present Ordinance enters into force on 1 January 2005.
Serial Imprint
Bundesgesetzblatt für die Republik Österreich., Part II, No. 492, 17 December 2004, 2 pp.
Source language


Legislation Amendment
Original title
Verordnung der Bundesministerin für Gesundheit und Frauen über die Kontrolle der Einhaltung von tierschutzbestimmungen (Tierschutz-Kontrollverordnung – TSchKV).