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Ministerial Decree 22 on the registration procedures of family farming.

Type of law

The head of the family is obliged to apply to the Municipality authorized in the region for the registration of the family farm. The application form includes information regarding the personal information and place of residence of the head of the family, members of the family farm and the location of family farm. Thereupon, the Municipality should check the agricultural land belongs to the family in two days after the application and issue an official document. In case the head of the family changes, the Municipality should be informed about the change in three days. The Municipality shall compile a registry book in accordance with the directives of the Statistics Institute. The head of the family farm should inform the Municipality regarding the annual return of the family farm. The family farms that exceed the upper limit of annual return determined by the relevant authority lose their status.
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This Decree enters into force on the day it is published.
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Legislation Amendment
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"Ail k ndli t s rr fat n n u otunun apar lmas Qaydalar " n n t sdiq edilm si bar d Az rbaycan Respublikas Nazirl r Kabinetinin Q rar 22.