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Presidential Decree 1234 on additional measures to improve the management of standardization, metrology, accreditation and patent rights.

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The purposes of this Decree are (I) to ensure the sustainability of economic reforms, (II) to improve the quality, safety, competitiveness and export potential of products produced in Azerbaijan, (III) to liberalize foreign trade, (IV) to modernize the standardization, metrology, accreditation and patent facilities, and (V) to strengthen the control mechanism. Therefore, the President decrees to develop a national standardization policy in accordance with the international standards. The Metrology Institute, the Standards Institute, the Accreditation Centre, and the Patent and Trademarks Center will be established. Moreover, the State Control Service, State Metrological Service and State Accreditation Service for Technical Regulation and Standardization will be closed.
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Standartla d rma, metrologiya, akkreditasiya v patent h ququ obyektl rinin m hafiz si sah l rind idar etm nin t kmill dirilm si il ba l lav t dbirl r haqq nda Az rbaycan Respublikas Prezidentinin F rman 1234.