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Presidential Decree 722 on the implementation of the Fisheries Law (No. I of 1998).

Type of law

This Decree sets forth provisions for the implementation of the Fisheries Law to specify the relevant central executive authorities stipulated in the law. The President of the Azerbaijan Republic shall be responsible for the certification of fisheries activities and the establishment of the Fisheries Fund. The Cabinet of Ministers shall be responsible for making regulations in the fields of aquaculture, fishing for research, education and surveillance purposes, sports fishing, acclimatization of fish and other biological resources, registration procedures of fishing facilities, hygienic requirements for fishing gear, conservation of gene pool, protection of valuable species, and water conservation zones. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources; the State Committee of the Azerbaijan Republic for Irrigation and Water Industry under the Aegis of the Cabinet of Ministers; and the Ministry of Finance shall be responsible for setting provisions on marketing of fish products, rules on sanitary, phytosanitary, veterinary, and quarantine; waste management; penalties for illegal fishing; and fishing fees.
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This Presidential Decree enters into force on the date of its official publication.
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Bal q l q haqq nda Az rbaycan Respublikas Qanununun t tbiq edilm si bar d Az rbaycan Respublikas Prezidentinin F rman 722.