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Ordinance for the Conditions to be Met by the Quality Wines from a Definite Region, the Order and the Way of their Approval.

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This Ordinance provides for the conditions to be met for the production of quality wines in a definite region, the order and procedures for their approval, and for requirements to be met by grapes fit for the production of quality wines.
Quality wines from a definite region shall be produced from grape of recommended and permitted varieties of vines approved by the Minister of Agriculture and Forests. The Minister shall also determine obligatory agrotechnical measures, the minimal natural alcohol content of quality wine, specific methods of technology for the production of wine, the maximum yield of grape per hectare, and the physical, chemical and microbiological analysis and organoleptic assessment.
The Ordinance provides for: requirements for the production of quality sparkling and liqueur wines; procedures and requirements for the approval of quality wines; registration of quality wines at the National viticulture and wine chamber; issuance of a control number for each quality wine, and of certificates of origin and permits; the control over the production of quality wines produced in a definite region; etc.
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