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Law No. 14.902 establishing the Green Mobility and Innovation Programme (Mover Programme); amending Decree-Law No. 1.804 of 3 September 1980; and Law No. 13.755 of 10 December 2018.

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This Law establishes the Green Mobility and Innovation Programme (Mover Programme), with the following measures: mandatory requirements for trading new vehicles produced in the country and for the import of new ones; incentive scheme for research and development activities for the mobility and logistics industries; the non-produced auto parts regime; and the National Industrial and Technological Development Fund (FNDIT). The Mover Programme must follow the objectives of neo-industrialization and the missions defined in an industrial policy approved in accordance with the provisions of art. 18 of Law No. 11.080 of 30 December 2004, and aims to support technological development, global competitiveness, integration into global value chains, decarbonization, alignment with a low-carbon economy in the productive and innovative ecosystem of cars, trucks and their road implements, buses, chassis with engines, self-propelled machines and auto parts.
The Mover Programme's guidelines are: increasing the energy efficiency, structural performance and availability of assistive technologies for driving vehicles sold in the country; increasing investment in research, development and innovation in the country; stimulating the production of new technologies and innovations, in line with global technological trends; increasing the productivity of the mobility and logistics industries; promoting the use of biofuels, other low-carbon fuels and alternative forms of propulsion and valorisation of the Brazilian energy matrix; guaranteeing technical training and professional qualifications in the mobility and logistics sector; guaranteeing the expansion or maintenance of employment in the mobility and logistics sector; expanding the participation of the automotive industry installed in the country in global value chains; and promoting the use of more efficient production systems, with a view to achieving carbon neutrality.
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This Law enters into force on the day of its publication.
This Law amends Law No. 13.755 of 10 December 2018 and Decree-Law No. 1.804 of 3 September 1980.
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Lei n 14.902 - Institui o Programa Mobilidade Verde e Inova o (Programa Mover); altera o Decreto-Lei n 1.804, de 3 de setembro de 1980; e revoga dispositivos da Lei n 13.755, de 10 de dezembro de 2018.