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Law No. 24.673 providing for the Fund for the Recovery, Protection and Sustainable Development of River Basins in the State of Minas Gerais.

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This Law establishes the Fund for Recovery, Protection and Sustainable Development of the Hydrographic Basins of the State of Minas Gerais (Fhidro), created by Law No. 13.194 of 29 January 1999. Fhidro has a programmatic and financing nature and aims to promote the improvement of water conditions in the State in qualitative, quantitative and eco-systemic aspects, through programmes, projects and actions, in accordance with Federal Law No. 6.938 of 31 August 1981. Fhidro will finance programmes, projects and actions aiming to achieve objectives, including: the protection, conservation and recovery of surface and underground water resources, in terms of qualitative, quantitative and ecosystem aspects; the rationalization of water use, the use of rainwater and the reuse of water; the protection, conservation and recovery of aquifer recharge and discharge areas susceptible to soil erosion; carrying out qualitative, quantitative, biotic and ecosystem monitoring and diagnosis of surface and underground water bodies; the conservation of aquatic ecosystems and associated biota; the prevention and mitigation of critical hydro-meteorological events, water pollution and contamination, siltation of water bodies and the impacts of climate change on water resources, etc.
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This Law enters into force on the day of its publication.
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Lei n 24.673 - Disp e sobre o Fundo de Recupera o, Prote o e Desenvolvimento Sustent vel das Bacias Hidrogr ficas do Estado de Minas Gerais e d outras provid ncias.