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Joint Declaration of the Fifth Trilateral Summit Meeting among the People s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea and Japan on the Enhancement of Trilateral Comprehensive Cooperative Partnership.

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China, the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Japan agreed to further enhance the future-oriented comprehensive cooperative partnership among the three countries. In the political sector, leaders of the three nations agreed to further increase high-level contacts, and provide continuous and strong political support for the relations and steady development of cooperation among the three countries. They encouraged the three countries to advance cooperation in non-traditional security issues, such as piracy, energy security, cyber security, communicable diseases, terrorism and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). In the economic sector, they will further strengthen the economic and trade relations and deepen the convergence of interests. They reiterated that they would enhance cooperation with a view to creating an attractive environment for trade and investment. They reaffirmed that the measures taken on the safety of products should comply with the requirements of WTO/SPS and WTO/TBT Agreements and the measures would be taken to improve human health, animal health and phytosanitary situation and to promote the sound development of trade among the three countries. They encouraged to put in place consultation and cooperation mechanisms for quality inspection and quarantine to promote and contribute to the sound development of trade. On promoting sustainable development, they recognized the importance of the building of the China-Japan-Korea Circular Economy Model Base and expressed their appreciation for China's efforts in proposing candidate sites of China-Japan-Korea Circular Economy Model Bases in China, and expected greater efforts to be made so that the model bases could play a demonstration role at an early date. They also welcomed the cooperation among the three countries to realize green growth and low-carbon growth, ensure nuclear safety, and address potential massive earthquakes, tsunamis and volcano eruptions.
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