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Joint Declaration of the Fourth Trilateral Summit Meeting among the People s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea and Japan.

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The Parties reaffirmed the importance of the trilateral cooperation in disaster management and nuclear safety, and decided to promote the cooperation.
The Parties shared the view that it is necessary to promote renewable energy use and enhance energy efficiency toward sustainable growth. They decided to strengthen cooperation to tackle such global environmental issues as climate change, biodiversity loss and regional environmental issues including dust and sandstorms, acid deposition and illegal transboundary movement of solid waste in particular e-waste. In this regard, they welcomed the commitment to establish a cooperative mechanism on combating illegal transboundary movement of wastes including e-waste.
The Parties also decided to accelerate the Joint Study on a trilateral Free Trade Agreement. They reaffirmed the importance of food safety and energy security and encouraged dialogues and cooperation in these fields.
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