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Law of the People s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Soil Contamination.

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This Law is enacted for the purposes of protecting and improving the ecology and environment, preventing and controlling soil pollution, safeguarding public health, prompting perpetual utilization of soil resources, advancing the building of ecological civilization, and promoting sustainable economic and social development. The Law consists of 99 Articles in seven Chapters: General Provisions (I) Plans, Standards, Surveys, and Monitoring II Prevention and Protection (III); Risk Management, Control, and Restoration (IV);Safeguards and Supervision (V);Legal Liabilities (VI); Supplementary Provisions (VII). Chapter IV includes 3 Sections: General Rules; Land for Agricultural Use; Land for Construction Use.
The State shall support the research and application of science and technology for prevention and control of soil pollution. National standards for soil pollution risk control shall be set by the environmental authority of the State Council based on soil's contamination status, public health risks and ecological risks. A nationwide soil condition census should be conducted at least once every 10 years. A network of monitoring stations should be established nationwide, with data and other information collected shared among authorities in environmental, agricultural, natural resources, housing, water resources, health and forestry and grassland sectors. Environmental and health authorities of the State Council are required to conduct screening and evaluation of toxic and harmful substances in the soil and make public a list of them. The State shall establish a system of categorical management for agricultural land. Agricultural lands will be distinguished as Priority Protection, Safe Utilization and Strict Control lands in accordance with the degree of soil pollution and related standards. In addition, the central and provincial-level governments should establish funds to prevent and control soil pollution.
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The Law shall come into effect from January 1, 2019.
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