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Measures for the Supervision of the Electric Power Market.

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These Measures are formulated to maintain the order of the electric power market and ensure the unification, openness, competition and order of the electric power market. The Measures consist of 10 Chapters: General provisions; Regulatory content; Electric power market operation rules; Electric power market registration management; Electric power market intervention and suspension; Electric power market dispute resolution; Information disclosure; Regulatory measures; Legal liability; Supplementary provisions.
The National Energy Administration, in accordance with the document and relevant State Council regulations, is responsible for overseeing the national electric power market. The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration shall organize the formulation of operating rules for the electric power market in accordance with the law. The electric power market implements a registration management system. To enter or exit the power market, relevant registration procedures must be completed. Electric power trading agencies are specifically responsible for the registration management of the electric power market.
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